Circularo Frappe Integration


Please follow this guide on Github: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Installing Frappe on Linux

Those are the main steps from the guide you must perform:

  • Install all dependencies (including wkhtmltopdf)
  • Prepare MySQL database
  • Create new bench
  • Create new site (tenant)
  • Install application ERPNext

To install Circularo-Frappe-Integration application, use following commands:

bench get-app
bench --site {site_name} install-app circularo
benech update --build
  • In some cases the second command may fail because OS didn’t allow to rename the repository name
    • It usually happens when WSL is used
    • In this case, please call following commands and try it again:
mv apps/Circularo-Frappe-Integration apps/circularo
echo circularo >> sites/apps.txt
pip3 install -q -U -e apps/circularo

Then you need to perform initial settings - fill in user’s name, organization’s name, choose ERPNext modules to be used, etc.

  • All these things can be updated later
  • In the last step it may throw error System failed → click button retry until it works
    • Python code cache is updated in this step, which causes internal restarts
  • Then it may throw an error about insufficient rights of newly created user
    • Don’t care, you can update the rights from admin account

Once completed, sign as Administrator once more and configure SMTP

  • Settings → Email Account and Settings → Email Domain
  • The best is probably delete all records in both and create new domain and new account
  • Then go to Circularo Integration → Advanced settings and activate automatic e-mail send


1. Activate the integration

  • May perform an user with role System manager
  • On the main screen choose Integrations → Circularo Integration

Enable and choose where to show the integration button:
View settings:

  • Form view - Detail of one record, see below
  • List view - List of multiple records, see below

DocType settings:

  • Either specify individual DocTypes or activate for all of them
  • Singleton is DocType where only one record may exists
    • Usually used in settings - Circularo Integration is singleton DocType
  • Then create API Token
  • All fields are validated and signature must be already present in Circularo account.
  • Now the integration is activate.

2. Use the integration

  • Integration actions may perform any logged in user
  • The integration button is by default visible in List View
  • And in Form View

a) Send to Circularo

  • Archives a document in Circularo.
  • You can click the document title to go to history (see bellow)

b) Sign in Circularo

  • Manually sign a document in Circularo
  • You can click the document title to go to history (see bellow)
  • Manually signed document can be downloaded to frappe system on request
    • In document history click Download signed file
  • If the document has not been signed yet, you will be notified, otherwise the document is downloaded.

c) Auto-sign in Circularo

  • Document is automatically signed and downloaded back to frappe (and send to an e-mail)

You can click the document title to go to history (see bellow)

  • You can view the signed file here

Document has been automatically sent to user’s e-mail

  • SMTP server must be configured properly
  • Automatic e-mail send must be allowed in Circularo Integration → Advanced Settings

3. History

  • On the main screen choose Circularo Documents
  • Shows history of all sent/signed documents
  • Each record contains information about the document and performed action

You can use following buttons:

  • Open document - Opens original document in frappe system
  • View in Circularo - Opens document in Circularo
  • View PDF file - Opens PDF file in frappe, depends on used action:
    • Send to Circularo - Opens archived / not signed file
    • Sign in Circularo - Signed file must be downloaded first (see above)
    • Auto-sign in Circularo - Opens signed file