Compose fill by URL

Circularo offers option to integrate directly to templates. You can pre-fill fields via URL with JavaScript function encodeURIComponent.

More information about JavaScript function encodedURIComponent on

Example of pre-filling field Location in template

Localise Key for value Location


For finding key you want to use, open template you are using, choose field you want to pre-fill and copy value “Key”

Adding value to Location which will be pre-filled by using JSON. In our example we want to pre-fill Praha to location:


Using URI for encoding variables

encodeURIComponent ({"C_TIME_OFF_REQUEST_LOCATION":"Praha"})

To create address with pre-filled value “Praha” in Location field, add encoded variables behind defaults in address. See the address for using Praha in Location and pre-filled value in picture bellow:

You can add more options using coma and adding another key to JSON, after encoding, paste value behind defaults like in previous example