Getting a token (non-technical)

To be able to work with the Circularo backend you need to obtain an access token.

You can do that when you enter the Swagger of the given tenant.

If you are unsure of the backend URL you can get it from the network tab in the developer console (see image below)

Getting to Swagger

  1. Open Developer Tools by pressing shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+I or F12

  2. Find the Network tab

  3. Filter to only XHR and select any request

Sending Login request

Once you are there navigate down to the Login section and select POST /login

Then you press the Try it out button in the top right corner of the tab.

That will open a text editor where you can see the Example Value now.

Then you need to fill in your login information and remove token attribute from the object. (Do not forget to keep your login info in double-quotation marks - it’s a string)

After that just scroll down and press Execute

When the command execution is finished new fields should open.

For us is import the Response body section where you can find token attribute.

That is your token